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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why don't you have MP3's on your site?
Answer: As much as I would Love to offer MP3's on my site there simply isn't enough storage space for me to do so.
My site host (Tripod) allots me only 20 megabytes of free storage space for my site. The average MP3 is about 3 - 4
megabytes in file size. So, as you can see it just isn't possible for me to offer MP3's.

Question: Do you have plans to offer MP3's in the future?
Answer: Yes and no. I want to get more storage space but that costs money. At the moment I really can't afford it.
I maintain this site as a hobby. My plan is to one day offer MP3's as well as other multimedia and country humor.
Whether this happens or not remains to be seen.
I had considered the idea of accepting donations to upgrade this site and make it the best it can be
and give everyone exactly what they want which seems to be MP3's and such. If donations could
cover most of the expenses I would pay the rest out of my pocket. I really don't think the idea
of donations would fly but I am open to any suggestions. I am not in this for the money. I just enjoy it.
Email Me your suggestions or thoughts on this idea.

Question: Recently I tried to visit your site but instead I got this message,
"Temporarily Unavailable: The Tripod page you are trying to reach has exceeded its hourly bandwidth limit.
The site will be available again in 1 hour".
What does that mean?

Answer: Since my site is hosted for free I'm only allowed so much bandwidth usage per hour and per month.
Every time a visitor such as yourself views my site or listens to songs on my site it uses
up bandwidth. The Real Audio wavs use up the most bandwidth. If this becomes too big of a problem I might have
to remove the Real Audio altogether and and offer Midis only. (Bummer). The only way for me to correct
this problem is to buy more bandwidth so this doesn't occur. Bandwidth costs money and I just can't afford it.
I have decided to accept donations from anyone who wishes to help support this site. I still don't think the idea of
donations will fly but ya never know. If a small percentage of the frequent visitors to my site would donate
just a few dollars it would cover the costs of adding more space and bandwidth to greatly
improve this site. As of 4-4-03 no one has offered to donate.

Question: Why isn't there any personal info about you on your site? Could you post a pic of yourself?
Answer: Although I'm glad you are interested in who I am I think it's best for me not to offer too much personal
info about myself on here. For what it's worth I am a 39 year old divorced male and I live near
Shreveport, Louisiana. I love Country Music as well as classic rock n' roll. That's about all I'm willing to say. :-)

Question: Where do you get your real audio music wavs and MIDIS from?
Answer: I have collected the MIDIS from all over the internet. I don't have the means in which to create them myself.
I create the WAVS myself with a little program called MP3DECODE. It converts any MP3 into a WAV file that I modify
and simply upload it to my site. Neat huh?

Question: May I request a song?
Answer: Yes you may but I can't guarantee that it will make it on my site. Due to storage space limitations
only the most requested songs get consideration. I hope you understand.
Email Me to make a request.

Question: May I link to a song on your site for my MSN-TV/WEB-TV e-mail?
Answer: I prefer that you don't as this uses up my bandwidth for my site.
Besides, I don't think Tripod allows it. Sorry.

Question: How do I save a song from your site on my computer?
Answer: Simple. Just RIGHT CLICK on the song title then click on SAVE TARGET AS then select the folder
you want to save the song to next to SAVE IN and it will save it on your hard disk in the folder you selected.

Question: When I try to listen to one of your real audio WAVS it takes forever. What's wrong?
Answer: More than likely it's your connection speed. If you are using a 56k dial up modem your connection speed
may vary each time you log on which could hinder you. Also, try closing any programs that are running that you aren't
using. In other words, don't do too much at the same time. If you have DSL/CABLE you shouldn't have a problem.

Question: Why do you have pop up ads on your site? They annoy me.
Answer: They annoy me too. Because my site is hosted for free Tripod puts those pop up ads on my site.
I have no control over them. If I did I would remove them.

Email Me your questions or comments.

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